Interior Design Solutions for a Stunning Enclosed Patio

"In the rush of the digital era, everyone is trying to fit in and find their place under our Sun. Some still live in the cities surrounded by rush and noise; others choose the suburban area or the countryside, where they can relax in their backyard and enjoy the fresh and unpolluted air. Most of these houses have a custom built patio. During the cold winter days or the rainy fall, it is important to enclose your patio, so that you can stay in a warm and protected place while drinking a hot cocoa and watching it rain or snow. If you are looking to enclose your patio, here are some design solutions and tips to help you make a beautiful and stunning enclosed patio." - Lilian Connors

Types of Enclosures

Before you start working on your patio, you have to know what you’re going for. Depending on your climate and the area you live in, you can choose between a semi-enclosed patio, seasonal patio, three-season patio, screen patio and a solarium patio. As the name suggests, each of these has different purpose. A semi-enclosed patio is perfect for hot weathers where you can swap between an intimate getaway and an open space. A seasoned patio is designed so that you can fully enjoy every season of the year, with room temperature control and full protection from the elements. A three-seasoned patio is good for every season except winter, and the solariums are fully covered with glass, making them more expensive to build however, they allow for a direct contact with the outdoors come snow or shine.


Windows play a very important role in every patio design. Basically, since they will have a direct contact with the outdoors and the elements during the entire year, you have to decide which type of windows you are going to get. The ones that offer the best protection from the elements and the noise are double-glazed windows. They are simple, easy to place and do all the work for you, we learn from Melbourne’s specialists for double glazed windows. Yes, the initial investment is a bit high but you are definitely going to save a lot of money in the long run.


Since we are talking about enclosed patios, it is essential that you place a roof over yours. Again, depending on the climate in your area over the year, you can choose between a fully enclosed one and semi-enclosed roof. If you are looking for a modern, durable and cost-efficient option, a steel roof imposes itself as the logical choice, while a solid wood option will give your patio a more vintage look.


When it comes to flooring options, tiles, concrete, prefabricated wood and are the common choices. They all come in different colors and provide all the protection you need. If you opt for a wooden floor, make sure that your windows are UV protected. And in case a lot of people enter and leave your patio every day, you should probably go for stone tiles since they are both visually appealing and durable. On the other hand, if you prefer that industrial look, you could always opt for concrete. It is very important that you consult with a professional before you start working on your patio. They will give you all the information and advice you’ll need to finish the job properly. But before you contact them, decide on what you want and create a mental image of it.

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