Spectacular Effects of Concrete Surface with Exposed Aggregate

"Concrete is not only about creating tough and durable surfaces; it can also be beautiful with Exposed Aggregate. Exposed Aggregate is nothing but the process of forming a beautiful coarse layer of concrete by exposing or removing the top layer of concrete after it has been laid. Are you planning to install concrete at your home or workplace? If yes, think about exposed aggregate concrete. They have the same strength as traditional concrete but topped up with unattainable beauty that makes it high in demand. So if you want your home’s or workplaces’ flooring to be extremely tough and rugged, opt for exposed aggregate. They have a capability to withstand high temperatures that makes them the perfect durable choice if you want flooring that lasts for years." - Evan Javier

Stunning Floor with Exposed Aggregate

You can’t imagine how wonderful your home can look when using exposed aggregate, since it gives an awesome decorative finish. Installation of exposed aggregate is quite common these days since home owners are learning more about its advantages and seeing the difference it makes, right before their eyes. With different textures, colors and finishes available, each exposed aggregate installation makes for a unique area of your home. Depending on your home’s surroundings, take your pick from the different options available so that you make good use of this feature. Apart from making your home look amazing, it also increases your home’s value. When used for exterior flooring, the results are beyond stunning!

The great part about exposed aggregate is that it comes in different finishes and colors that you won’t usually find elsewhere. Here are some of these finishes that you can take your pick from.

• Water wash finish: This finish is by far the most affordable and gives your home a distinctive look when used for floors. It is most frequently used around pools, pathways and driveways, and many home owners choose exposed aggregate as a durable option for their exterior flooring.

• Sandblasting finish: This type of finish is generally used to get a smoother surface. To achieve this, sandblasting is used to smooth out stones and get rid of rough edges. Sandblasting is commonly used for not very steep driveways and for passages.

• Pavilion finish: This finish is durable and is great to deal with slippery pathways. Apart from giving your exteriors an elegant finish, a pavilion finish is also simple and easy to install. Use it for your courtyards, pools, spa houses, driveways and outdoor kitchens and take your living space to a whole new dimension.

• Grinding and polishing finish: This finish is used for internal floors and outdoor areas that need extra refinement. This is an extreme finish that gives you an almost mirror-gloss shine. Concrete becomes harder with this finish, which makes it a great investment in the long run.

Wide Uses of Exposed Aggregates

Exposed aggregate is widely used in residential and commercial applications. Apart from a customized finish that combines functionality and elegance, when used for outdoor areas it can go beyond the ordinary. Additionally, with the many finishes, designs and choices open to you, you can choose the right one based on your existing décor. This flooring is very popular around pools as it prevents accidents due to slips and falls. When used for commercial patios or home terraces, it gives you an elegant finish as it can be made to look natural to blend in with your surroundings. If you plan to install exposed aggregate in your home, choose the services of professionals who have experience in handling the job. Check on their prior experience and probably get a glimpse of their earlier work so that you will know for sure that you have the right people for the job.

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